Special alloys


Saarschmiede is one of the world’s top suppliers of special alloys and superalloys for demanding applications.

Our product portfolio includes super high-strength heat treatable steels, maraging steels, high temperature steels, stainless steels including stainless, precipitation hardening steels, bearing steels and high grade engineering steels as well as high-temperature nickel and cobalt-based parts.

The various materials are processed to make bar steel, discs, rings, hollow parts and pre-machined parts for dies.

From ingots weighing between 2 t and 30 t, we produce the smallest parts – processed to the narrowest tolerances – but also workpieces of impressive dimensions. The broad range of facilities and the different possibilities of our vacuum metallurgy allow us to manufacture materials that meet the highest demands.

VIM, VAR and ESR qualities as well as triple melting qualities form the basis of our cutting edge materials.

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