Tool steel


In the field of tools steels, Saarschmiede focuses on producing hot working steels, die steels, cold working steels and mould steels. Furthermore, unalloyed steels as well as special grades can be manufactured on request.

The trend towards ever-greater dimensions in ingots and components also applies to tools steels. With its existing facilities in the areas of melting, hot forming and heat treatment Saarschmiede is well equipped to satisfy this market demand. In addition, we have melting / remelting facilities including one vacuum induction furnace, two vacuum electric arc furnaces as well as one ESR facility at our disposal, enabling us to manufacture products meeting the most stringent of requirements regarding purity and homogeneous material characteristics for tool steels.


  • square:
    from approx. 250 mm up to 1,650 mm
  • round:
    Ø from approx. 250 mm up to 1,650 mm
  • flat:
    width from approx. 300 mm up to 2,000 mm
    thickness from approx. 250 mm up to 1,650 mm
    (ratio width : thickness = 10 : 1)

China Office for Mould Steel Market Servicing & Issuing Retail Certificate DSFormTek Co., Ltd.

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Only companies certified by Saarschmiede are entitled to act as dealers for Saarschmiede. Below you will find the authorised dealers for the Chinese and Indian markets.

If Saarschmiede becomes aware of misuse or unauthorized changes to the certificates, the misuse will be prosecuted and the certificate will be revoked. Companies that deliberately use fake certificates will also be prosecuted.



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