Research and development

Saarschmiede is involved in numerous development projects at national and international level.


KMM-VIN (Follow-Up Project of Cost 536)
European Virtual Institute on Knowledge Based Multifunction Materials
WG II: Materials for energy
• Development of materials for elevated operational temperatures (~ 650°C)
• Evaluation of material properties
• Optimization of manufacturing parameters
SSF task: Manufacture of trial melts and trial rotor in MARBN
Start: 2013
Project leader: TU Graz
Main partners: Siemens, Alstom, MPA Stuttgart
Status: Application (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) for manufacturing of large components in preparation
Development of Z-phase strengthened steels for ultra super critical power plants with elevated operational temperatures
SSF task: Manufacture of trial melts, trial shaft and components for test loop
Periode of time: 2012 -2016
Project leader: Fraunhofer Institut IWM, Freiburg
Main partners: TU Denmark, University of Chalmers, Paton Welding Institute
Status: Completed
Realization of the material and production challenges for ultra high-efficient coal-fired power plants for >750°C with CCS technology (7th Framework Programme)
SSF task: Manufacture of a full-scale trial shaft in Alloy 263
Project leader: KEMA, Netherlands
Main partners: Doosan Skoda Power, TU Darmstadt, A&D
Period: 2010–2015
Status: Completed