125-t UHP electric arc furnace
The 125-t UHP electric arc furnace in the electric steel plant has an output of 85 MVA and an eccentric bottom tap. The 20 MVA ladle furnace and vacuum degassing plant with the option of VOD form the basis for ladle metallurgy to improve quality. The ingots are cast by top and bottom pouring.
16-t vacuum induction furnace (VIM)
In a 16-t vacuum induction furnace (VIM), we manufacture electrode ingots of 2 t to 15 t – an optimum starting point for the manufacture of a comprehensive range of products made of special materials, high performance steels and superalloys.
The manufacture of these special materials is characterized by the lowest levels of trace elements and lowest gas content as well as superb non-metallic cleanliness.
6-t and 30-t vacuum electric arc furnace (VAR)
Special materials are further refined by remelting them as electrodes from melting in the electric furnace or from the vacuum-induction furnace in the vacuum electric arc furnace.
Our objective is the homogeneity of the ingots and a decrease in the damaging gas content and amount of trace elements with a vacuum pressure of up to 10-4 mbar.
Electro-slag remelting facilities (ESR)
The electro-slag remelting facilities (ESR) has two melting stands on which ingots of between 3 t and 145 t are produced. The ingots have excellent degrees of sulphidic and oxydic cleanliness, low segregation of alloy elements, a large decrease in the amount of sulphur with a homogeneous microstructure and excellent properties. Special protective measures and special slag compositions guarantee the lowest hydrogen content.

Ingot dimensions (ESR)
ø 465 mm, to L 2,300 mm, 3 t
ø 750 mm, to L 3,000 mm, 10 t
ø 1,000 mm, to L 5,200 mm, 32 t
ø 1,300 mm, to L 6,000 mm, 60 t
ø 1,600 mm, to 6.500 mm, 100 t
ø 1,900 mm, to 7,000 mm, 145 t