Mechanical subcontracting

We offer you mechanical rotationally symmetrical machining of large parts from rough machining of forgings to final machining.


Lathe-machining horizontal:

  • Max. 3,300 mm overall Ø, max. length 22,000 mm
  • Weight max. 120 t

Lathe-machining vertical:


  • Max. 3,700 mm overall Ø, max. height 3,100 mm
  • Weight max. 80 t
  • At a height of max. 1,000 mm the weight is max. 100 t


  • Max. 5,000 mm overall Ø
  • weight max. 100 t       


Deep-hole drilling

  • Full drilling: From Ø 60 mm, max. Ø 365 mm
  • Drilling out: max. inner Ø 2,000 mm
  • Max. drilling depth: one-sided max. 9,000 mm, on both sides max. 18,000 mm

Radial drilling, axial drilling, tangential drilling or eccentric drilling

Max. Ø 60 mm

Core drilling

Ø after consultation


  • Max. inner Ø 1,200 mm, max. overall Ø 2,000 mm
  • Max. honing depth: one-sided max. 9,000 mm, from both sides max. 18,000 mm

Assembly work

We are also able to carry out any additional services such as shrinking-on or shrinking-in of components for you (e.g. articulated spindles, high-pressure vessels, block transducers).             

We are also pleased to offer you complete assembly and functional tests of assemblies after mechanical processing has been completed.


Our range of services also includes the welding of thick-walled components (max. 300 mm wall thickness, e.g. the welding of floors) and subsequent finishing in cooperation with Saarstahlbau as a certified welding specialist.


Max. overall Ø 3,300 mm

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