Saarschmiede completes delivery for the ITER project

Completion of the third Fusion for Energy contract

04. August 2017

Saarschmiede has completed the third consecutively won contract for the production of EUROFER97 for Fusion for Energy (F4E). Fusion for Energy is the name of the joint project of the European Union which provides the European contribution to the project for the development and installment of the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).

Altogether 87 plates in various thicknesses and a total weight of about 27 t were manufactured from the material EUROFER97. Moreover, Saarschmiede produced bars for research purposes from the same material.

The workpieces manufactured from EUROFER97 are applied in a study, expected to continue for two years, for the further investigation of welding procedures for Test Blanket Modules (TBMs), more precisely for their steel boxes. By means of these TBMs, the possibility of breeding tritium is to be investigated so as to develop in future self-sufficient fusion power plants.

Fusion for Energy recently published an article about the currently running TBM project and the research into suitable welding procedures, in which the sequence and the processes are described in more detail and in which also Saarschmiede as the supplier is mentioned. We are very pleased to again supply a project of Fusion for Energy which provides a significant contribution to the research into the energy supply of the future.

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