Saarschmiede supplies forgings for the energy of the future

30. November 2015

Saarschmiede is supplying Fusion for Energy (F4E), the European Union’s organization managing the European contribution to ITER – the biggest international scientific collaboration testing the viability of fusion power as a future energy source.

ITER is expected to produce a significant amount of fusion power (500 MW) for about seven minutes. Fusion is the process which powers the sun and the stars. When light atomic nuclei fuse together and form heavier ones, a large amount of energy is released. Fusion research is aimed at developing a safe, limitless and environmentally responsible energy source.

Europe will contribute almost half of the costs of its construction, while the other six parties to this joint international venture (China, Japan, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the USA), will contribute equally to the rest. The site of the ITER project is in Cadarache, in the South of France.

As a result of its unique expertise in materials, Saarschmiede provides forgings of the highest quality which are of essential importance in constructing the ITER. For the third time now in series, Saarschmiede is a significant supplier of a material which it has specifically developed for this purpose.

With the production and supply of high-quality forgings, Saarschmiede is making a significant contribution to the development of an innovative and promising form of power generation.


Official Website Fusion for Energy